14. CSI Neustadt-Dosse


International horse show & stallion show


03. – 06. January 2013

CSI Neustadt-Dosse

In January 2000 an international horse show took place for the first time in the Graf von Lindenau-hall in Neustadt/Dosse (Brandenburg). The organizers were a little nervously looking forward to the first days of the show – would a lot of spectators come to the show? – they got the answer by return – with pleasure and enthusiasm. The region in Brandenburg is enthusiastic about horses and that strictly speaking for hundreds of years. The in 1788 established stud in Brandenburg is close to the Graf von Lindenau-hall and it provides new jobs and events. Furthermore it builts up a special relationship between the people from the region and the subject horses. But the visitors not only came from Brandenburg, they also came from Lower Saxony, Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-Anhalt or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to visit the CSI Neustadt-Dosse. Everybody, who is getting curiously now, should get his own idea about the show. Every year in January riders from more than 10 nations start here the new horse sport year and it is better to book the tickets early enough. What offers the show? Get informed....